Responsive Slider Plugin

is a Wordpress plugin based on the responsiveSlides jquery plugin.It's simple to implement and use, and its just a slider, and nothing more

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Simple Responsive Slider Plugin

Simple Responsive Slider, is a jquery slider plugin for wordpress which implements responsiveSlides, from ( v1.54 ).

It also uses CodeMirror ( ) for the editor. CodeMirror, is provided only with css mode, and not with the full range, of syntax highlighting.

The plugin implements the most of the features of the slider, which can be controled from the plugin admin panel. These options are:autoplay, random play,timeout between next fade, pause, speed of fade effect, pause controls, pager, text of previous and next control, namespace, pagination

In the plugin options panel is included the slider Id textfield, which gives the ability to have multiple sliders in the same page. Each slider has its own options and configuration.

In the admin panel, there is the possibility to upload 5 images, using the wordpress image uploader, and if the pagination is enabled, to write the caption for each image.

The editor provided, uses codemirror for syntax highlighting, and there is also the possibility to change its theme, using the themes files provided from codemirror.

Each slider, is saved as a custom post type (named Responsive Slider), and is provided with a shortcode, to enter in the post. The shortcode is displayed in the list of Responsive Slider

Version: v1.1.1

This slider is licenced under GPLv2 or later

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Simple Slider

Slider Options

Multiple sliders with different options enabled

  • Need some fresh air

  • Going for some walking

  • Fishing :)

  • Dogs like going to the beach

  • Free diving

How to

Install, and use Simple Responsive Slider

Simply, copy the files in the plugin folder, and activate the plugin.There will be a custom post menu, to create the sliders. Each slider has its own settings.Call the sliders, in the posts with the shortcode displayed in the list

[ responsive_slider id='postid' / ].


Just this. It’s simple :)

Download this Plugin

Download Simple Responsive Slider